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Helpful Tips for PSWs

Here are some tips to help Personal Support Workers and employers when seeking help to resolve paperwork issues with the payment vendor, PPL.

  1. Contact PPL
  • Your first step to resolve problems is to contact PPL’s customer service:


  • When you call, be sure to note the date and time of the call and the name of the person you spoke with.


  1. If you are not getting the support you need from PPL, we encourage you to file a formal complaint. As part of the contract with PPL we are monitoring these complaints.

You can file a formal complaint via email or phone.

  • By email:
  • Send email
  • In the subject line type “Formal Complaint”
  • In the body, explain your complaint
  • PPL may follow up and request you to fill out another document


  • By phone:
  • 888-419-7705
  • Spanish 888-419-7720
  • Russian 888-419-7724
  • When you call, state that you want to file a formal complaint


  1. Contact the County Developmental Disability Program or Brokerage staff to get help.

As a reminder, the contingency plan we created was designed to help make sure providers got paid during the transition to PPL. It helped most providers get paid; in fact 9,631 PSWs got paid in the last pay cycle. Due to tax laws we needed to end the contingency.

To be paid on March 30 for work from March 1 through March 15, all paperwork must be submitted by noon on March 14 via email or fax.


To get updates and other helpful information, you can “Follow” these Facebook pages: ODDS (@oregonDHS.IDD), eXPRS payment system (@EXPRSpaymentsystem) or the Home Care Commission (@OregonHomeCareCommission). You can also follow ODDS on twitter (@OregonODDS).

Thank you all for helping us complete this transition process to get providers paid and continue supports for the individuals we serve.


Lilia Teninty


Office of Developmental Disabilities Services

Family Preparedness Plan

Protect Your Family


Oregon stands to lose twice in the current ACA proposal—once when the 6% K Plan enhanced match is removed, and once when Medicaid is capped. This will mean loss of services. PLEASE call your congressmen TODAY, even if you’ve done so before.


There is lots of good info in the bulletin below. I pulled out a basic script they shared, to help you on your way:


How to start your call or email:

  • Start with your name and city.
  • I am a person with a disability or I am a family member of someone with a disability or I am a professional in the disability field.
  • Do NOT repeal the ACA without a replacement that maintains or improves coverage and protections for people with disabilities.
  • Do NOT allow restructuring and cuts to Medicaid to be part of an ACA replacement.


Explain what Medicaid Services means to you:

  • Medicaid Services (such as K Plan services) have helped me live / work as a community member by… (give example).  Without these services it would cause (give negative impact example).


Finish with a Value Statement:

Oregon is strongest when all people are community members. Thousands of Oregonians depend on Medicaid to live and work in their communities.


Call to Action Information


Provider Payment Update

From: Lilia Teninty, Director, Office of Developmental Disabilities Services

After several months of working to get all Personal Support Worker (PSW) and employer paperwork submitted to PPL, we need to end the “contingency plan” we put in place to help with the transition process.


The contingency plan was temporary, to give PSWs and Employers more time to complete and submit their paperwork. Due to federal tax requirements, we must end the contingency plan effective the payroll period that ended on February 28, 2017.

If you are due payments for the payroll period of February 16 through February 28 you will be paid on March 15 on the contingency protocol, but no further payments will be made until all paperwork has been submitted.

Paperwork still needs to be completed for some PSWs. That paperwork may include one form or more forms that need to be redone in whole, or in part, by either the PSW or the employer.

In order for a PSW and employer to be “good to go” both parties need to have everything submitted correctly. If you’re contacted about getting something submitted, please follow-up, even if you submitted the information before. It may be a small problem with a form that can be fixed quickly, like leaving something blank or not signing in one place.

If you are contacted about missing forms, please follow the directions given and submit the paperwork by the due dates below.


To be paid on March 30 for work from March 1 through March 15, all paperwork must be submitted by the following dates.

The deadline for submitting paperwork depends on how it is being submitted:

  • Submitting by mail? PSW and Employer paperwork must be in the mail to PPL by noon, March 10.
  • Submitting by email or fax? PSW and Employer paperwork must be in the PPL office no later than noon, March 14


If deadlines are met

The PSW will be paid on time for the pay period ending March 15, if the timesheet is submitted and approved by the regular deadline.

If deadlines are not met

For employers: If paperwork issues have not been resolved by March 14 you will not be allowed to authorize work for a PSW.

If this happens, SORB will need to work with you to find care for the individual through agency providers until the paperwork is submitted and entered at PPL.

For PSWs: If paperwork issues have not been resolved by March 15, you will not be allowed to work for any individual in the ODDS program as a personal support worker.

Any hours worked for that time period that the state is unable to pay due to missing paperwork will be held in a pending status, meaning the check will not be issued until the paperwork has been submitted. When the paperwork is submitted and verified as complete, you will get paid then for March 1 – 15 and for days worked after the completed paperwork is submitted.

For more information

What should you do if you have questions about the information that needs to be submitted? Your first step is to contact PPL’s customer service:


You can also “Follow” ODDS’ Facebook page, the eXPRS page or the Home Care Commission page on Facebook to get updates and helpful information.

Rummage Sale

PSW Quick Guide: How to find POC claims in eXPRS

How to Find POC claims PSW QUICK GUIDE (v1; 1-25-17)

PSW Payroll Update

Here is an update on the Personal Support Worker (PSW) payroll transition to PPL. Personal Support Worker (PSW) and employer enrollment with PPL has not gone as seamlessly as we would have liked. I’d like to acknowledge and thank everyone involved in this very difficult process.


CDDPs and Brokerages stepped up to get packets to employers and PSWs and have followed-up with them to get paperwork submitted. As we have worked with PPL to identify gaps in information, CDDPs and Brokerages again worked to fill in those gaps. Individuals and families have worked hard to complete necessary employer paperwork. And most importantly, PSWs have completed packets and tracked down information in the midst of the vital work they do with clients. All of this help has been instrumental, thank you.


Payroll transition to PPL

The payroll transition work began in August 2016. It included several changes to data systems, training and information sessions to CDDPs and Brokerages, and in-person information and enrollment sessions to help PSWs and employers complete necessary paperwork.


Even with the extensive preparation, the transition to PPL has not been as smooth as we had expected. We are working with PPL to resolve the problems and have directed them to improve their customer service.


If you got a robocall from PPL

PPL recently did a robocall to notify employers and PSWs about missing paperwork. Some people who got the calls did not understand what they were supposed to do. If you are an employer of record, the call most likely was because of a problem with your Employer Identification Number. If you got the robocall you need to contact PPL right away to find out what is missing and get paperwork issues resolved.


Contingency plan extended

We have extended the contingency plan for payroll through the February 28 pay period. If the PSW and employer submitted accurate Social Security and Employer Identification Numbers, PSWs will get paid during the contingency period, even if other paperwork hasn’t been completed. That contingency plan made it possible to pay 99.2 percent of PSWs on January 18, 2017.


Until April, PPL is providing a list to CDDPs and Brokerages of PSWs not paid. If an administrative error caused the error it will be fixed and the PSW paid the next week. If additional information needs to be submitted, the PSW will need to contact PPL to find out what is missing.


Please know that after the contingency plan ends, all required information from employers and PSWs will need to be complete and logged at PPL in order to issue paychecks on time.


Direct deposit and W-2s

We know there were issues with direct deposit for PSWs who had not submitted the needed documentation before December 22, 2016 for the first pay period.


PSWs that submitted direct deposit documentation before December 22, 2016 should have received direct deposit for the first pay period. Due to legal restrictions, TNT was unable to provide direct deposit information to PPL during the transition.


W-2s for work done between January 1 and December 31, 2016 will come from TNT since they were the payroll entity for all of 2016.


For more information

What should you do if you have questions about the information that needs to be submitted? Your first step is to contact PPL’s customer service:



You can also “Follow” ODDS’ Facebook page, the eXPRS page or the Home Care Commission page on Facebook to get updates and helpful information.

FMAS Payroll Update

Final Payments under Contingency

We have two more scheduled payments under the contingency.  Travel and Overtime Payments and the next Out of Cycle.  After that, all Claims (and Service Deliverables submitted after the true Good to Go relationships are loaded) will suspend if the PSW and Employer have not fully completed their paperwork.


Out of Cycle Payments through the end of February

Out of Cycle payments will continue to be automatically submitted by ODDS through the month of February.  This means that no fee will be assessed and you do not have to submit an OOC spreadsheet.  All Service Deliverables in an Approved status that are eligible to be paid will be sent through without any further approval from your office.


EIN Confirmations

As a reminder.  If you have received a verbal confirmation of an EIN from the IRS you must submit it through ODDS at  If you receive a 147-C letter from the IRS you may submit that directly to PPL.   The 147-C letter overrides all checks and is immediately applied or accepted.


BetterOnline Information Updates

As stated on the call Wednesday, it takes up to 48 hours for information to travel from BetterOnline to eXPRS.  If information is corrected please give the systems enough time for those corrections to move through.  Demographic changes (address, phone, email) are not updated through this process.  The PSW must submit a change of information form to the state Provider Relations Unit.


Do not make changes to PSW and Employer information such as Name, Date of Birth, or PRIME. If you are making a correction to a Name or Date of Birth to match eXPRS data only, contact PPL Customer Service. If you see a need for a prime correction due to a transposition you can notify  If the prime is wrong or has changed, please notify Kim Bienkowski at .