PSW and Employer of Record Information

Dear PSW/Employer of Record,

We wanted to let you know that the Office of Developmental Disabilities (ODDS) has notified the field of the following:

 PSW overtime

ODDS is taking steps to reduce the amount of unauthorized overtime being worked by PSWs. ODDS is establishing a regular review cycle to monitor PSW overtime.

ODDS will begin sending warning letters to PSWs who worked more than 10 hours of unauthorized overtime over a four-week period.

PSWs who receive a warning letter are at risk for termination of their PSW number if they continue to work excessive hours. ODDS will continue to inform CMEs of additional warning letters or actions being taken against PSWs including inactivation or termination of their provider number.

ODDS will also send notices to employers associated with the PSWs working overtime alerting them that their employee has committed a violation and is at risk for termination if the PSW continue to work excessive hours.

ODDS is continuing to monitor utilization and trends related to overtime to identify groups of PSWs and employers who will receive warning letters related to working unauthorized overtime.

Provider credential renewal

The 2015-2019 Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 8, requires that Personal Support Workers (PSWs) submit their completed provider credential renewal paperwork to their Brokerage office no later than seventy (70) days prior to their provider credential, also known as provider number, expiration date.

If the PSW fails to submit all completed paperwork at least 70 days prior to the provider credential expiration date it may result in the inactivation of the PSWs provider number while the paperwork is processed.

We hope this courtesy notification is helpful in staying abreast of the current rules and expectations.

 Happy Holidays from the entire staff of Southern Oregon Regional Brokerage!