Available Services

Attendant Care – You can hire someone to help you with your activities of daily living
Chore Services – To restore a hazardous or unsanitary situation in a customer’s home
Community Nursing – A registered nurse will work to determine your health/illness status and your actual/potential health care needs.
Day Support Activities – Day services facility for socialization and community integration
Assistive Technology – Electronic devices/software emergencies, security, or independence
Relief Care – Provides relief for primary caregivers
Assistive Devices – Durable medical supplies
Transition Services – For transferring out of an institution to a community living situation
Behavior Consultation/Supports – Positive behavior supports services
Environmental Accessibility Adaptations – Modifications to the exterior of home for safety/independence
Family Training – To increase capacity for the family to support the customer in the home
Non-Medical Community Transportation – Provides for access to the community/work
Discovery/Career Exploration Services – Employment planning around the customer’s desired job
Employment Path Services – Provides services and supports for learning and work experiences
Small Group Supported Employment – Supports in a setting for 2-8 people with I/DD which promotes integration and interaction with people without disabilities
Individual Supported Employment – Support for persons in an integrated, competitive job
Specialized Supplies – Medical supplies necessary for ADL/IADL or health related supports
Vehicle Modifications – Adaptations to a vehicle to ensure necessary health, welfare, and safety
Environmental Safety Modifications – Modifications to exterior or home for safety and independence